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Furnished Maisonette in Buruburu Nairobi
Detail Rent : KES 75 ,000 / month
Number of bedrooms : 3 m²

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the lofts apartments

  • These Apartments are the most Executive
  • in Kilimani and Boasts of facilities including:
  • Rooftop heated pool, Bar & Rest. Gym
  • two storey Apartments. 
  • Rent: Kshs. 250,000/- P/M


Furnished Apartments

Product description: Fully Furnished and Serviced Apartments in Nairobi


The Courtyard Executive Apartments

Courtyard Apartments located in Valley Arcade off Gitanga road. They are very classic and boasts of '3 bedroomed own compound apartments' and 1 and 2 bedroomed duplex apartments. These apartments are the real definition of luxury accomodation, very spacious and with very attractive features.


1 Bedrooms

The one bedroomed apartments are 950 sq ft in size, boasts of very attractive features.

Installed appliances including high quality 4 burner cookers, fridges, microwaves, washers and dryers come as standard, breakfast bar and a large master-bedroom with a walk in closet together with large balconies with a fantastic  view of the pool.

2 Bedrooms

The 2 bedroomed apartments range from 1430 sq ft to 1745 sq ft duplex apartments.

  • Fantastic balcony
  • Walk-in closets and lift access to apartments.
  • Private entrances and stairway access to the covered parking below,
  • A clean modern design that assures comfort and safety of a high apartment unit with the feel of a townhouse mixed in together.

3 bedrooms

This is the most luxurious area of the Courtyard Apartments. All 3 bed apartments sit above 2000 square feet in size and come in two options. Either a 3 bedroom duplex unit that sits on the ground floor or a 3 bedroom single level unit that sits alone on a whole floor!. The duplex unit has all the other features found in the 2 bedroomed apartment and also has the luxury of two separate living rooms and a self contained DSQ.
The single level apartments have an enclosed balcony space, living and dining room. Also with a single assigned self contained staff quarters for one and ‘no’ neighbors on either side, these units are the epitome of exclusivity.

WEEKLY RATE (Bed only)
One bedroom                                                    - US$ 1,100
Two bedroom duplex/ single level apartment     - US$ 1,300
Three bedroom duplex/single level                   - US$ 1,500

1 Bedroom single level apartments   - USD.2,300
2 Bedroom single level apartments   - USD.3,000
2 Bedroom duplex apartments          - USD.3,400
3 Bedroom Single level apartments  - USD.4,000
3 Bedroom duplex apartments         -  USD.4,200

Contacts :
Tel : 0725327431   , 0735286836

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Apartments in Nairobi

Sky Furnished apartments

  • Located along Lenana road, Kilimani
  • Very Modern Apartments with Lifts
  • Very Secure, Tastefully Furnished, Open Kitchen
  • Rates: 2br - Kshs. 160,000/-
  •          3br - Kshs. 200,000/-

                    CLICK HERE


Garden Residency

Garden Estate Apartments

  • Off Thika rd , Garden Estate Road
  • Spacious Compound/ Parking
  • Children play fields, DSTV, Internet
  • 1 Br- Kshs. 60,000
  • 2br & 2br Executive - Kshs. 70,000 & 80,000/- resp.

                   CLICK HERE


Nest Apartments Garden Estate

Thika road apartments

  • Own Compound , Gazebo, Electric Fence
  • 3 & 4BR Master Ensuite, LCD TVS, DSTV, Internet
  • Tastefully Furnished
  • Rates:  3br - Kshs. 130,000/- per month
  •            4br - Kshs. 140,000/- per month

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